Build Your Non-profit with APA Financial Services


Build a Non Profit Organization

Our team at APA Financial Services understand the distinct challenges associated with building a nonprofit organization. We know the paperwork involved and the difficulties that many face in achieving tax-exempt status through the federal government. Our team can help you file for tax-exempt status, guiding you through each phase of the process and ensuring you’re represented by a specialist as you look to build your organization.

Turn to APA Financial Services for:

  • Non Profit Tax expertise

Our accounting team at APA Financial Services has over a decade of experience within the taxation field. We work with nonprofit owners to ensure their organization is protected by tax-exemption in the eyes of the government. We can help you to assess your assets and build an organizational structure that keeps your nonprofit in good standing for the long-term.

  • Non Profit Industry guidance

Oftentimes, those running nonprofits face ongoing challenges in managing their assets while running their business. We can help to assess your accounts and find avenues for mitigating costs along the way. Our compliancy team can help keep your nonprofit running according to your legal obligations. And we can help you to manage donations and other transactions while you oversee other elements of the business.

  • Answers based on Non Profit experience

Our experience within the accounting industry is unparalleled in the local region. When you turn to APA Financial Services, you’ll have access to a team of professionals who are ready around the clock to help you in managing your non-profit business. You’ll never be left waiting for answers. We’ll be with you to guide you and help you save money while building your nonprofit structure.

If you’re building a nonprofit over the coming months, it’s important you apply for tax-exempt status as soon as possible. Call us today to begin the application process.

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